Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 2 of Enhancing Lessons - OMG! There is So Much to Learn!

Am really happy with this course and the other people who are taking it.  It is a great joy to be working with so many talented people.  

But there is so much to learn and do--3 hours at the computer today and I've only done about half of this weeks lessons.  With the inauguration tomorrow and my weaving and darkroom classes starting this week, I won't have time to do anymore until next Saturday.  And I'm also doing the Virtual Worlds and Language Learning class.  But am loving every minute of it.  

This is a very short post because, as a visual artist, I want to see if I can find better templates than what Blogger offered on the set up page.  Wish me luck.


  1. Delighted to be working with you!
    Good luck with the template, though I think your blog looks pretty attractive as it is.
    Mary (Rosario, Argentina)

  2. Hi Ellen, you certainly have a full plate! We usually advise against trying to take more than one (or maybe two) EVO sessions because they can be so time-consuming. Can't believe you are doing three! Have you registered for Second Life in Virtual Worlds? I finally did it after 2 years of hesitating. My avatar is Nina Zaytsev.

    I see you have not found a way to change the blog template. I find that sometimes a lot of templates are offered whereas at other times the selection is very limited. I haven't figured out what the difference is!

  3. Wordpress is a good option for having a more customized feel to your blog, but there should be a number of templates freely available for blogger as well. Let me know hat you find and I'll do the same.